In Bookstores: The World’s Most Romantic Destinations

Last April I holed up in a house in Seattle and took a trip around the world.

Well, not literally, but through pictures. While photo editing my first book project for National Geographic, I re-visited favorite destinations like Cape Town and the Burgundy region of France, but then also fell for places that hadn’t quite caught my eye before like the Azores Islands of Portugal, Mozambique’s Quirimbas Archipelago, and San Sebastián in Spain.


I enjoyed switching gears from photo editing for magazines and delving into the book publishing world. I’m looking forward to working on the sister book to this title later this year. Special thanks for making the photo editing process easy and enjoyable goes to National Geographic’s Moira Haney, Elisa Gibson, and Allyson Dickman.

I’m proud to say that the results are now in hard copy and, if I do say so myself, they look gorgeous. Pick up National Geographic’s The World’s Most Romantic Destinations in bookstores or online and start adding to your travel bucket list. I can promise you these tempting places aren’t only for lovers.

3 thoughts on “In Bookstores: The World’s Most Romantic Destinations

  1. Hi Krista! i recently finished the b&h video about going light while you are traveling with the fuji´s. Are you still using it? can you use it for pro work (prints or digital). Thanks!

    1. Hi Sebastian, I do still use my Fujis, but since I don’t yet have all the lenses I’d need for a pro shoot, I don’t use it on assignments. I’ve still been using Nikon, but hope to get to a point where I can use the Fuji primarily. Thanks for your interest!

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