On Newsstands: McKenzie River Road Trip

Early last month I headed up the river and through the woods on a short assignment for 1859 Oregon’s Magazine. The McKenzie River Highway is a beautiful drive which I’ve done many times as a non-stop, direct route to get from Eugene to Bend, but I’d never taken my time and stopped to smell the forest, so to speak.

This time I discovered an organic farm stand outside of Leaburg, felt the spray of Sahalie and Koosah waterfalls, dipped a toe in the warm waters at Belknap Hot Springs, and wandered along parts of the 26-mile recreation trail that parallels the highway.

A few outtakes follow to inspire your own road trip, but if you are in Oregon you can head to newsstands to grab a copy of the November/December 2015 issue.

Picture of lava fields in Oregon

Lava fields lie in stark contrast to the verdant forests that line most of the McKenzie River Highway.

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