Portrait Work for NPR

Recently I was hired to make portraits of Heather Wilcox-Nicholls for an NPR All Things Considered story reported by Alina Selyukh. The focus was on women working in retail whose employment has been hit particularly hard by Covid-19.

I connected with Wilcox-Nicholls because neither of us has been immune from economic damage during the pandemic. In a strange twist of irony, my work as a travel photographer has effectively been put on pause by the pandemic, though being home in Oregon allowed this assignment to find me. I’ve always wanted to photograph for NPR so I’m counting this job as a “Covid silver lining”.

Take a look or listen to this story which is part of the series Enough Already: How the Pandemic is Breaking Women. These stories are a powerful look into how the pandemic is exacerbating issues that women have been struggling with for years, from inequalities in the workplace to inequities in the home.