Krista Rossow on OPTIC All Stars

The pandemic may be keeping us closer to home, but that hasn’t stopped Lindblad Expeditions and B&H Photo Video from hosting OPTIC, their premiere wildlife, outdoor, and travel photography conference. This year I joined the “All Stars” team but instead of speaking in New York City as I had in 2016, I gave my talk from my home office in Oregon. I’ll admit that speaking to my computer will never be as fulfilling as speaking to a sea of real-life faces, but I’m grateful we are still creating spaces to gather and inspire each other through photography.

This year my talk Why We Photograph: Capture With Intention, Share Through Story goes into pragmatic advice on how to improve one’s visual storytelling techniques. Make sure you check out my talk plus the huge lineup from my talented peers like Ralph Lee Hopkins, Christina Mittermeier, and Jody Macdonald to name only a few.

And if you have time to spare, the lectures from past OPTICs are archived on the B&H website including my 2016 How to Think Like a Photo Editor talk. Looking forward to seeing you when we are able to travel again!